CAT.# Vaat157mp
D.O.R 2012/11/15

01 - You Suffer (But Me) by 36 HOURSHIFTS
02 - You Suffer (Loco) by ARS SONOR
03 - You Suffer (I Know Why) by ARSETERROR
04 - You Suffer (A Reason Why Remix) by AUTOMAGEDDON
05 - You Suffer (In Your Imaginary World, Absolutely Not Linked With The Real One) by AUTOSOMAL
06 - You Suffer (Butt Wipe) by AWESOME BIN LADEN
07 - You Suffer (Njuk Ngopo) by BANGKAI ANGSA
08 - You Suffer (Cover) by BAVEL
09 - You Suffer (Dukkha Karma) by BEDAWANG
10 - You Suffer (Unplugged) by BRIAN McPARLAND
11 - You Suffer (Fools gladly) by CRUDE ASSEMBLY
12 - You Suffer (Dao Suffering) by DAO DE NOIZE
13 - You Suffer (Endloses-Leid-Remix) by DER DOMESTIZIERTE MENSCH
14 - You Suffer (Underwaterlove mix) by DEUTSCHES KULTURGUT
15 - You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover) by DJ MO)))DARA
16 - You Suffer (Вы страдаете) by DUGA-3
17 - You suffer (33 12 RPM) by DUST CULT
18 - You Suffer (Dick Cheney) by FALSE FLAG
19 - You Suffer (Cover) by FATAL POSITION
20 - You Suffer (Butt Guys) by GAY NAPALM DEATH
21 - You Suffer (Ohkaye) by GEFILTE FIST
22 - You Suffer (Your Sinclair, But Why) by GYMNASTIC DECOMPOSITION
23 - You Suffer (Ein Somchin Al Haness) by H-LR
24 - You Suffer (Kaos Remix by Harshziqr) by HURUHARA 696
25 - You Suffer (No More) by HYAENA FIERLING REICH
26 - You Suffer (Because You Cheated On Me You Bitch) by INDIVIDUAL DISTORTION
27 - You Suffer (And Yet You Still Persist) by JASON KAVANAGH
28 - You Suffer (Danceable) by JEF DER DOOD
29 - You Suffer (YoYo, You Hip Hop Napalm Sniffer Of Death) by KAI NOBUKO
30 - You Suffer (Death Nepalm) by KOPFSCHMERZTABLETTE
31 - You Suffer (Burst Violence) by KRANG
32 - You Suffer (But Why Are You Such a Stupid Asshole) by KRUSHER
33 - You Suffer (Cover) by KUSTAASIITAAKUN
34 - You Suffer (Because You Truly Care) by LACKTHROW
35 - You Suffer (Sungazer's Woe) by LEZET
36 - You Suffer (Acapella) by LORD CMH
37 - You Suffer (In Silence) by LUCA SIGURTA
38 - You Suffer (flux tab mix) by M.NOMIZED
39 - You Suffer (Long Time Coming) by MARAX
40 - You Suffer (reffuS uoY) by MARROW
41 - You Suffer (In a Blank Room) by MATT KIEFER
42 - You Suffer (Napalm Death live in the '80s edit) by MITä
43 - You suffer (And So On) by MOLESTIA AURICULARUM
44 - You Suffer (Original Lyrics) by MUTATE
45 - You Suffer (Cover) by My TERMINAL AND THE TRIP
46 - You Suffer (Napalm Death Cover) by NECROTIC GOATSLAUGHTER
47 - You Suffer (Saturday Mourning mix) by NEWTON
48 - You Suffer (Even Longer Now Remix) by O.S.I.S.
49 - You Suffer (Fran Drescher) by OUT OF 20
50 - You suffer (Joe Super Song) by PICADILLO GENITAL
51 - You suffer (We Don´t Suffer. Do You Know Why) by PLAGUE RAGES
52 - You Suffer (Vocal Drone Version) by POLLUX
53 - You Suffer (Po Po Po) by PORION
54 - You Suffer (Selfdestruction) by PROBLEM ANDERER LEUTE
55 - You Suffer (Tribute to Napalm Death) by PROJEKT666SATANOISE
56 - You Suffer (Extendoom Mix) by RADU KAKARATH
57 - You Suffer (Cover) by RECTAL TWAT
58 - You Suffer (In Your Thoughts) by ROLNA
59 - You Suffer (Version 1) by SETE STAR SEPT
60 - You Suffer (Billy) by SIMIAPATH
61 - You Suffer (G.A.C.) by SLEEP OF AGES
62 - You Suffer (Cheesydogcreamcat) by THE PANCAKE MAFIA
63 - You Suffer (Napalm Death Retarded Clown Cover) by TOXIC CHICKEN
64 - You Suffer (Cover) by TULITERä
65 - You Suffer (Hopelessly) by WORD OR OBJECT
66 - You Suffer (Napalm Breath) by ZERON UNIT

Vaatican Records is a french and friendly netlabel with a similar vision of music & art that Sirona. Vaatican will reedit some Sirona's releases for sharing them with some new listenners and offering them a reincarnation. Of course, all reedition will be in accordance with the artist and so an authorization will be asked. You can visit Vaatican Records website and download quality for free:

Information from Arnaud Barbe [Sirona-Records]: Vaatican isn't a sublabel of Sirona. It was here before Sirona. Andy the head of just prooposed to rerelease some stuff. He have speaked with Bedawang and then he rereleased it but because he wanted this one feet in a cd (and the lenght was too big) he have only selected some tracks and not all. When you download it & in the page it's written the 2 hours release can be found in Sirona website & it's linked too. This explain that, but well it could be confusing. But the one in Sirona is already linked in Napalm Death website and already had 12 000 downloads. This reedit is an extra-bonus! 

Check out original release by Sirona-Records [click here]

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PROJEKT666:SATANOISE is a Black Noise project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was created back in early 2011 by SelfmadeSatan, who is also the owner of Devil Noise Records and Electronic Etiquette Netlabel. Besides, there are also two side-projects which are into (extreme) lo-bit noise; Trashnoiser (solo project) and sicx (collaborative project with Harshziqr of HuruHara 696). In March 2012, I started a new just-for-fun experimental project named Black Hate Engine. For more information and collaboration, contact: We are Black Noise, Fvkk the Rest!