HALLOWEEN 2012 - EP 2012

CAT.# P666SN-07
D.O.R 2012/10/31

01. Avada Kedavra - 1:29
02. Moon-Light - 1:53
03. Black Cat - 0:30
04. Ghosthouse - 1:10
05. Evil Pumpkins - 0:50

Last year we celebrate Halloween with a release: HALLOWEEN 2011 - EP 2011. Now, in 2012 we again come up with another EP for this special day. Happy Halloween!

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PROJEKT666:SATANOISE is a Black Noise project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was created back in early 2011 by SelfmadeSatan, who is also the owner of Devil Noise Records and Electronic Etiquette Netlabel. Besides, there are also two side-projects which are into (extreme) lo-bit noise; Trashnoiser (solo project) and sicx (collaborative project with Harshziqr of HuruHara 696). In March 2012, I started a new just-for-fun experimental project named Black Hate Engine. For more information and collaboration, contact: We are Black Noise, Fvkk the Rest!