CAT.# DN101
D.O.R 2011/10/29

01. PROJEKT666:SATANOISE - Subculture
02. Vziel Projet - зажигаймо, пацани
03. Froze.Hatech. - Lobit Hatred
04. Bedawang - Believe Nothing
05. d0x10 - wiplipe
06. TrashnoiseR - ERROR
07. Misantropskia - Amor e Ódio
08. Ganglion Cyst - RRRESOLangh
09. Xtematic - Sound Design A1 (Short version)
10. Mystified - Clear And Simple
11. HuruHara 696 - Perang Memerangi Perang
12. Der Domestizierte Mensch - Gordon Shumway
13. God Pussy - KuUmoHYnJa
14. SonoreFiction - derrière la Porte (lowfi 32bits special edit)
15. Beastiality Boyz - Blamp - 1:49
16. Trans Atlantic Rage - Drip Headline Drip Attention Drip
17. Bird Paradigma - Sweet
18. Damien Ark - ######
19. postmeshische - poezd tronula ya vsled (lobit edit)
20. Hollywood Video Game Kill-Bot - Course Of Action
21. halluciphile - trans.v12n
22. Pollux - Noir
23. Scotch Allenguarde - cunserns
24. sicx - ozawa [8kbit Mono Edition]
25. To-Bo - 20111010
26. Zreen Toyz - Small Shortcut Toward The Hell's Gate
27. Zyx Syndrome - Down Syndrome (minimal edit)
28. Jef der Dood - Geheugenstraat
29. Yura Yura - Help
30. Painburn - Perforation
31. Audioviruses - Sewer side
32. Problem Anderer Leute - Sempex
33. Elemental Noise - Neuronal Disorder
34. COJAA - Trash Mafia
35. Stirner - Gash & Yearn
36. Seiei Jack - Fukushima
37. Marax & Belltonesuicide - Dry Lips and Dust-Filled Lungs
38. Thickly Painted Walls - Devil Nose
39. DXC - Down
40. Misantronics - Estelle's Pregnancy

An exclusive compilation released by Devil Noise Records. This focused on lobit (low bitrate) music mainly ranged from 8 to 32 kbps with track not longer than 2 minutes. In the name of PROJEKT666:SATANOISE, this appearance is for sure the last/final lobit composition, with opening track 'Subculture'. As I said on the release of "Eyes Of The Devil" [note: which considered the last work of (extreme) low bitrate noise]. TrashnoiseR is my new (solo) project exclusive for lobit noiseworks, which in this compilation I featured a promo-track 'ERROR' [track no.6]. Following the release of "Lickit!" Promo, my duo/collab lobit Sexy/Porno-Noise with Harshziqr (HURUHARA 696) named sicx has also placed a new track titled 'ozawa [8kbit Mono Edition]' on track no.24. I (who is also the owner of Devil Noise Records) would like to thank every great & friendly artists who took part and contribute to this Lobit Edit compilation. Also thank to Dissonance From Hell for the promotional support!

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PROJEKT666:SATANOISE is a Black Noise project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was created back in early 2011 by SelfmadeSatan, who is also the owner of Devil Noise Records and Electronic Etiquette Netlabel. Besides, there are also two side-projects which are into (extreme) lo-bit noise; Trashnoiser (solo project) and sicx (collaborative project with Harshziqr of HuruHara 696). In March 2012, I started a new just-for-fun experimental project named Black Hate Engine. For more information and collaboration, contact: We are Black Noise, Fvkk the Rest!