CAT.# DN001
D.O.R 2011/02/11

01. Sinful Deliverance - 0:35
02. Dirty & Dusty - 1:33
03. Fuck You Bastard! - 0:36
04. Industries Of Death - 1:40
05. Evil - 0:27
06. Satanoise 6(6)6 - 0:44
07. Total Shit - 1:08
08. Black Hate Engine - 1:03

Finally, the Official Debut Demo from my Noise/Experimental project PROJEKT666:SATANOISE unleashed through my own netlabel [note: DEVIL NOISE RECORDS is purposely established to be the home or production house for all my releases]. Entitled "DEMONOISE 2011 AD", this demo featured 8 tracks of self-defined Satanic / Black Noise music (or better soundscape) composed and recorded between end of 2010 to early February 2011. Total playing time is about 7:50 minutes. The word DEMONOISE is mixed of Demon & Noise which generally refered to my genre  and themes; Black Noise. I was very happy and proud with the Demo release eventhough quite dissatisfied with some of the tracks. It sounds immature and pathetic to my own ears! Thanks to friends around me who supported and encouraged me especially TBS from Ablaze Eternal & Dungeon Of Darkness. Love it or hate it, "DEMONOISE 2011 AD" is historically the first step, the beginning of PROJEKT666:SATANOISE. Permit my Black Noise evolves...

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PROJEKT666:SATANOISE is a Black Noise project from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was created back in early 2011 by SelfmadeSatan, who is also the owner of Devil Noise Records and Electronic Etiquette Netlabel. Besides, there are also two side-projects which are into (extreme) lo-bit noise; Trashnoiser (solo project) and sicx (collaborative project with Harshziqr of HuruHara 696). In March 2012, I started a new just-for-fun experimental project named Black Hate Engine. For more information and collaboration, contact: We are Black Noise, Fvkk the Rest!